Information on ALA Educational Trips in 2021

Feb 08, 2021

The American Latvian Association thanks everyone who has shown interest in our educational trip programs “Sveika, Latvija!”, “Heritage Latvia”, and “Hello, Latvia”. During this challenging and isolated time, we are all dreaming of Latvia and of spending time together with other Latvians. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the delayed vaccination process both in Latvia and in the U.S., we will not be able to offer the full trip program in the summer of 2021.

After consulting with government authorities and trip coordination colleagues in Latvia, ALA has resolved to maintain hope, that in August 2021, we would be able to offer one “Sveika, Latvija!” trip. Of course, trip participants will have to make sure they are vaccinated. We will also have to re-evaluate if there are still travel restrictions or a required self-isolation period for travelers from the U.S. ALA promises an update regarding our decision in early May.

Similarly, we remain optimistic in our plans for “Hello, Latvia”, hoping to hold a trip for adults and families in Autumn 2021, if the situation allows.

Regardless, in making decisions regarding future ALA educational trips, we will keep in mind those, who were unable to participate in 2020, but still wish to do so.

For those families, who are potentially interested in participating in these programs in 2021, please sign up to receive e-mail updates on the ALA website: