The mission of the Cultural Affairs office is to promote, support, sustain and maintain diverse opportunities for the expression of Latvian culture for 21st century Latvians living in the U.S. In order to fulfill the mission, the Cultural Affairs Office works closely with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the Embassy for the Republic of Latvia in the United States and PBLA (World Federation of Free Latvians).

23 students – 21 from the US, 2 from Australia, participated in the “Pavadi vasaru Latvijā” (Spend the summer in Latvia!) program in 2018. 15 cultural institutions, NGOs and private businesses offered internships. ALA is the only organization to create a program that systematically offers an authentic and substantive personal connection to Latvia for diaspora students.

Using grant money from the Ministry of Culture, ALA commissioned its second documentary film called “Atgriešanās” (Returning). The film features Imanta Nīgale who chose to move to back to Latvia, although born in the US. The film is available to everyone on YouTube.

With questions, contact:

Liga Ejups
Office of Cultural Affairs