Latvia and Us

ALA’s Trips to Latvia in 2018:

  • Sveika, Latvija! June 2018 – 23 participants (including 8 from Australia)
  • Sveika, Latvija! August 2018 – 16 participants (including 4 from Canada)
  • Heritage Latvia 2018 – 19 participants
  • Hello, Latvia 2018 – 19 participants

Highlights for 2018 trip participants included meeting the President of Latvia, experiencing the Song and Dance Festival
folk dance and combined choir performances, and attending the popular Latvian pop/rock band Prāta Vētra’s concert.

ALA thanks its colleagues in Latvia who spend countless hours each year to build and lead the most unforgettable journeys
through our ancestors’ homeland, as well as the chaperones, teachers, and parents that help make it possible for Latvians in the U.S. to have this experience.

2018 ALA Trips Team:

  • Program Coordinator – Marisa Gudrā
  • “Sveika, Latvija!” Tour Coordinator & Leader – Anita Ozola (Latvia)
  • “Heritage Latvia” Tour Coordinator – Polīna Šķiņķe (Latvia)
  • “Heritage Latvia” Tour Leader – Madara Vičiule (Latvia)
  • “Hello, Latvia” Tour Coordinator – Laura Hatsone (Latvia / Norway)
  • “Hello, Latvia” Tour Leader – Dagnija Purmale (Latvia / U.S.)