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Update on Potential “Sveika, Latvija!” Trip in August 2021


Sveika, Latvija!

Educational trip in Latvian for teens ages 13-15, who have graduated from Latvian school or that are proficient in Latvian. The trip offers the opportunity to visit all of Latvia’s major regions, make friends with teens in Latvia as well as group participants from the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and to take part in a diverse program with a variety of historical and contemporary attractions and activities. (2020 Participation Fee – $2390 / Deposit – $590)

ALA normally hosts two ,,Sveika, Latvija!” trips each summer, one in June and one in August.


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Heritage Latvia

Educational trip in English for teens of Latvian descent, ages 13-16. The Program is similiar to that of “Sveika, Latvija!” (2020 Participation Fee – $3390 / Deposit – $590)


Sveika, Dzimtene! / Hello, Latvia!

Educational trip in English and/or Latvian (dependent on participants’ proficiency) for adults and families. A fantastic opportunity for adults to delve into the culture and history of their ancestors, as well as to experience modern-day Latvia. A chance for some to introduce spouses and family members to Latvia. (2020 Participation Fee – $2130 for 2020 / Deposit – $530)


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