The goal of the ALA Sports office is to bring together Latvians through sports, particularly the younger generations.

Mikelis Giga, Director, Office of Sports Affairs

The goal of the ALA Sports Office is to bring together American Latvians through sports. We organize annual tournaments, as well as provide support to local sporting events and activities in Latvian communities throughout the country. Although the pandemic has significantly impacted sporting activities over the past several years, many regional sporting activities have resumed.

A few significant and meaningful competitions resumed in 2023. FINSO STAGE II, a Novuss tournament part of the international circuit, occurred in Los Angeles in May with over 40 participants competing. The “Sports Festival” weekend in Catskills saw over 60 children compete in track and field events in July. Also in July, the challenge for the Latvia Cup in soccer was held in Garezers, where the New Jersey “Kursa” sports club prevailed 4-3 over the unified team from the Midwest.

It is important to recognize and support institutions that demonstrate active sporting and athletic participation in the Latvian community. Several such institutions are the summer camps at Garezers, Catskills, and Kursa. This year, as in previous years, the Sports Office provided financial support in the amount of $2000 to each institution.

The Sports Office is continually looking for additional members to join the Sports Office board.  Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to contact the sports director via e-mail at

Latvian Sports Events in the U.S. in 2024:

  • Novuss “Valentine Tournament” Bronksā Nujorkā 17. februāri
  • Čikāgas slepošanas kluba izbraukums Bellaire Mičiganā 23.-25. februāri
  • Novuss “FINSO stage II World Cup” Priedainē Nudžersijā 4./5. maijā
  • Detroitas DLGA golfs 18./19. maijā
  • Zelta bumba volejbolā Katskiļos Nujorkā 20. jūlijā
  • Sporta svētki Katskiļos Nujorkā 27. jūlijā
  • 4-2 volejbols Gaŗezerā 28. jūlijā
  • Latvijas kauss futbolā Katskiļos Nujorkā 24. augustā
  • “Cognac triples” volejbols Gaŗezerā 31. augustā
  • Kursas kauss volejbolā Priedainē Nudžersijā 7. septembrī
Mikelis Giga
Director, Office of Sports Affairs