Angel Heart Society Success Story – Beāte

Dec 02, 2021

ALA Support & Aid to Latvia Office continues its partnership with the Angel Heart Society, whose mission is to financially support motivated, talented, hardworking children and young adults in low-income families in rural areas of Latvia. 

Beāte is one of three talented sisters in the Rutkovskis family. She is in the 8th grade of the Maliena School. She is one of the students who forms the backbone of the school. She took part in the development of two projects, as a result of which, due to her initiative, the school now has a climbing wall outside the school and a track where the students can compete. Another project Beāte is spearheading  is to help reduce the effects of Covid on students’ mental health – the “Roadmap for Improvement”. Beāte has been singing in the ensemble “Marmalades” since the 1st grade, dances in the school dance group and leads school events. Beāte has a natural sense of voice and rhythm. She really likes to sing both in the ensemble and solo. She loves to perform. Developing her singing talent would require private lessons with a singing instructor. Beāte would like an acoustic guitar and learn to play it to expand on her musical talents. Such support would also serve as an assessment of Beāte’s current activities and a reflection of the talented Rutkovskis family, which always has their children’s education, interests and activities as their first priority. Beāte and her family will thank everyone for their support in developing her musical talent.

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