Latvia and Us

ALA’s Office of Support and Aid to Latvia (SAL), also known as the “Cooperation with Latvia” program, was created in 1989 to provide humanitarian aid and other forms of support to Latvia.

However, since 1994, the first priority has become the support for the children of Latvia – those in large, poor families, abandoned children and orphans. This new priority has emerged because the ethnic Latvian people in Latvia are literally on the road to extinction – for a number of years now more Latvians are dying each year than being born. And this follows two foreign occupations where thousands of Latvians died in war, were killed outright or deported to a slow death in Siberia. To ensure the survival of the small Latvian nation, this trend must be stopped and reversed. At this critical time every living Latvian child is needed for the survival of the Latvian nation. It is therefore mandatory to provide them with minimum funds for survival and a decent education. To this end our organization has been soliciting donations to provide regular support payments, lasting approx. two (2) years to the children in the greatest need.

Our program is called the “Secure Bridge” (in Latvian: “Drošais Tilts”) to provide a secure channel or “bridge” from a donor in the U.S. to a needy child or family in Latvia. The local efforts in Latvia are coordinated by Latvia’s largest charity organization “The Children’s Fund of Latvia” (“Latvijas Bērnu Fonds”).

This urgent effort would also appreciate YOUR HELP – a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. You may also make a bequest in your will. For further information please contact the American Latvian Association or the director of “SAL”.

Kaija Petrovska
Director, Office of Support and Aid to Latvia, “Cooperation with Latvia”