Angel Heart Society Success Story – Aleksa

Feb 17, 2022

ALA continues its partnership with the Angel Heart Society, whose mission is to financially support motivated, talented, hardworking children and young adults in low-income families in rural areas of Latvia.

Aleksa is in the 9th grade of Īslīces Primary School. Aleksa’s mother works in emergency medical service, so from an early age Aleksa’s favorite series is “911” and she loves books on anatomy. Already at the age of 6, Aleksa was very familiar with the human structure and has studied the encyclopedia of the Anatomy. Aleksa helps people by working in charitable organizations, delivering aid packages to large families and seniors, as well as working as a youth guard. Aleksa is ready to defend her homeland. Maybe that’s why her dream is to study medicine, to help those in need! There is still a long way to go before med school, but she has to start somewhere. The first way we want to support Aleksa is to provide her with the opportunity to attend the School of Young Chemists. We would be grateful if you would support Aleksa’s efforts in acquiring knowledge and new skills in order to realize her dream of a medical profession.

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