Angel Heart Society Success Stories

Mar 22, 2024

Support Future Medics Līga Atstupena, Katrīna Ozola and Madara Zadovska

The Office of Aid and Support to Latvia actively supports the program “Spārno talantus”, where one of the talented young people from low-income families in Latvia who have come to the attention of the association “Enģeļa sirds” is nominated. These families are unable to pay for additional educational classes or camps where their offspring could cultivate and develop a special talent.

Līga is an active, smart and conscientious girl with a purposeful view of the future. She studies in the 11th grade of Pilsrundāle secondary school. Liga has high academic achievements, as well as she is studying the necessary subjects in depth to gain preliminary knowledge in her future profession – medicine. After high school, Līga wants to study medicine at Riga Stradins University to obtain a doctor’s degree and eventually become an oncologist-chemotherapist. She chose this direction because the statistics of oncological diseases are high in Latvia and in the world. Līga is also actively involved in the non-governmental youth organization “Inicio”, where she learns how to organize events, as well as public speaking, which are important skills in life.

“Wing Talents!” Participant Katrīna is a very determined girl and studies in the 9th grade of Limbažu Secondary School. At the moment, the girl’s priority is studies, as she is actively preparing for entrance exams at the Riga Classical High School, which offers students a curriculum with a focus on medicine. Katrina herself says that she is very interested in the subjects “anatomy” and “introduction to medicine”. The passion for medicine started because of the girl’s personal experience. Katrina was diagnosed with oncological disease. After a long stay in the hospital and treatment, Katrina realized that she wanted to connect her future with medicine.

Madara, who studies in the 11th grade of Druva secondary school, is a very active and motivated young woman. “Madara is always and everywhere she needs to be.” That’s what classmates say about Madara. In studies, the girl has very high achievements – she participates in various educational Olympiads, where she gets prize-winning places. Along with her studies, Madara is the student body president of her high school. She says she wants to make the world a better place, which she hopes to achieve by becoming a family doctor in the future to help people get better and be happier. The girl plans to study at RSU. And they really want to participate in courses, camps and classes where they could learn and improve.

All future female doctors are very interested in learning more and more knowledge and practical skills, so the girls are very eager to participate in the only medical camp that is being held in the Baltic States this year – Big Brain Medical Camp. It will take place in August, and the participants will be able to assume the role of medics, performing various practical tasks, and will learn a lot of theoretical knowledge. The fee for participation per person is 548 EUR.

To support these aspiring doctors, we invite you to donate to ALA Office of Aid and Support to Latvia, Enģeļa sirds with the note – “medical camp”.