Angel Heart Society Success Stories: Kaiva

Jan 12, 2021

Angel Heart Society Success Stories


ALA has started a partnership with the Angel Heart Society, whose mission is to financially support motivated, talented, hardworking children and young adults in low-income families in rural areas of Latvia.

My name is Kaiva Elīza Ozola, I am in the 8th grade at The Limbaži High School. We are five girls in our family. My mother is an artist. Dad is rarely home because he works in Germany, renovating apartments.

Most of my life I have drawn and sung. Since the age of 3, I have been singing in the Limbaži vocal group “Pogas” (Buttons). I have participated in many competitions with “Pogas” and we have almost always received the highest honors. In 2018, we participated in the National Song Festival. For five years now I have been studying singing solo.

I have been drawing since the first grade, attending a visual arts group. I participated in many competitions, for the most part receiving the highest awards.

I like to draw animals, especially cats, but in recent years I have started to draw images from anime (fanart – Japanese animation) for pleasure. I would like to create my first solo exhibition, but I lack the resources. One of my other dreams is to illustrate a children’s book as well as publish comics in Latvia. I would like to learn how to draw comics professionally because comic art is not prevalent in Latvia. I think it is an opportunity to promote a new trend in art. I hope that you will support this dream of mine.

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