Angel Heart Society Success Stories: Igors

Oct 13, 2020

Angel Heart Society Success Stories


ALA has started a partnership with the Angel Heart Society, whose mission is to financially support motivated, talented, hardworking children and young adults in low-income families in rural areas of Latvia.

Exceptional youth study in the 11th grade of Krāslava Varavīksne High School. The most promising and diligent student in the class is Igors Sorogovecs.

Igor has always excelled in science. He enthusiastically participates in competitions, olympiads of the region, demonstrating very good knowledge and skills, receiving awards and letters of commendation.

Igors goal is to study at Riga Pauls Stradins University and major in the chemical sciences. In order to achieve this goal and obtain additional course work, it would be highly advantageous that he attend “The School of Young Chemists”.

Four years ago, Igor’s mother was left alone with two children. She can not afford to pay for his education. Igor and his mother would be grateful for any financial assistance to further his dreams of these specialized programs and schools.

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