Angel Heart Society Success Stories – Future Programmers

Apr 26, 2024

Future Programmers Armands Bērziņš and David Reinieks

The Office of Support and Aid to Latvia actively supports the program “Sparno Talantus”, where young people from the sight of the association “Eņģeļa sirds” are nominated talented young people from low-income families in Latvia. These families are unable to pay for additional educational classes or camps where their children could cultivate and develop a special talent.

Armands Oskars Bērziņš is a very determined and resourceful young man. Currently, he is studying in the 5th grade of Liepupe Elementary School. Parallel with high-achieving studies, he is passionate about various activities related to technology and sciences. Armand is interested in research, experimentation, however, it is programming that fascinates him the most. Through self-study, he has mastered various principles of algorithms and makes games in the program “Scratch”.  Armand is highly motivated to continue learning programming and would like to do so with the support of professionals. His future dream is to become a knowledgeable and successful programmer to create various applications and programs.

David Reinieks is a very motivated 8th grade student at Īslīcis Elementary School. He is extremely inquisitive and conscientious. Along with his studies at a high-achieving school, he explores world processes at the Laboratorium School of Science. Although physics and chemistry fascinate him, David’s dream is to create his own company that would be engaged in programming computer programs and apps. To make this dream come true, knowledge in mathematics and computing is important. One of David’s qualities – personal initiative– will also help drive success.

Computer science and programming are very important areas that will be relevant now and for a long time to come, as well as employees in this field are and will continue to be in great demand. That is why we invite you to support motivated young people in Latvia who want to link their future profession with these areas. Your support will enable Armand and David to participate in the HelloIT Camp in June 2024. The price for participation per person is 590 EUR. In order to support these future computer scientists, we invite you to donate to the ALA Labdarība Latvijā project “Spārno Talantus”, with the indication Technology Camp.