Angel Heart Society Success Stories – Elija

Apr 17, 2023

ALA’s Office of Support and Aid to Latvia (SAL) (Director, Diāna Kārkliņa) continues its partnership with the Association “Angel Heart”, whose mission is to financially support motivated, talented, hardworking children and young adults in low-income families in rural areas of Latvia.

Twelve-year-old Elija Bondarāne studies in the 6th grade at Liepupe elementary school – a small school, where it is possible to provide a lot of attention to each child in order to promote personality growth. Her greatest passion is art in its various forms of expression. Already in early childhood Elijah was always drawing.  While other children were playing, the girl had a pencil in her hand, attempting to capture the world around her.

Elija wants to use her talent in drawing in interior design.  Her dream is to become an interior designer and create unique designs for rooms. Increased interest in the girl interior design was created with the help of computer games.  Elija arranged rooms in design simulators and began to understand the concept of space.

Elijah knows that math, drawing and composition play a significant role in learning this profession, so she is already currently learning painting, drawing, sculpture and composition. Additionally, she pays a lot of attention to learning mathematics.  Elijah would really like to learn much more and in depth about interior design as well start developing her skills now.  In order to accomplish this, she needs public support.

The Angel’s Heart Association calls for support for Elija to help her gain access to educational books and interior design courses.

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