Angel Heart Society Success Stories – Daniēls

May 18, 2022

ALA Support & Aid to Latvia  Office continues its partnership with the Angel Heart Society, whose mission is to financially support motivated, talented, hardworking children and young adults in low-income families in rural areas of Latvia.

Daniēls Raudonis is studying in the 5th grade, in the beautiful Pilsrundāle school. He spends his free time after school attending a school folk dance group, a singing group and, most of all, sports. Daniēls loves to play soccer and is on the school soccer team. He spends his free time studying, playing sports and helping his parents. Daniel’s parents are deaf, so Daniel has learned sign language and mostly takes on the role of translator. Daniel’s father works in construction and during some of his free time he goes with his father to helps coordinate work with the employers. Despite the fact that Daniel’s parents work and take care of the children, the family does not have enough resources to further Daniel’s dream of becoming a great soccer player. To support Daniēls we would like to offer him the chance to participate in a summer football camp, as well as provide an opportunity for dad and son to attend a soccer game in Riga. We will be happy with any kind of support for Daniēls to help fulfill his dream.

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