Board Meeting on September 16-17, 2017

Board Resolutions

Resolution Nr. 1
The ALA board resolves to support the Latvian folk band’s “Imanta Dimanta and Friends” – Centennial Tour through 15-20 U.S. cities with $30,000 from the ALA’s Latvia’s Centennial Fund.

Resolution Nr. 2
The ALA board resolves to support the Victims of Communism November 7-9, 2017 event “Victims of Communism Centennial Commemoration” with $2,500 from general program funds. This donation will cover 6 guests.

Resolution Nr. 3
The ALA board resolves to support the Boy and Girl Scout Centennial in the US with $5,000 from General Program Funds.

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA board resolves that the May 7th Board Resolution #3 authorizing a $350,000 transfer from the Vanguard to the ALA SunTrust account to cover summer expenditures was no longer necessary due to the recent Ozoliņš Trust bequest.

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA board accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position and Budget vs Actual) as presented by the Treasurer with the understanding that modifications will be necessary regarding funds provided by the Latvian Ministry of Culture to the ALA’s Cultural Affairs Office.

Resolution Nr. 6
The ALA board establishes a $5,700 budget for the newly-formed ALA’s Public Relations Office led by Janis Kancans.

Resolution Nr. 7
The ALA board supports creating a new SAL film with approximately $3,000 from existing SAL budget funds.

Resolution Nr. 8
The ALA board resolves to provide supplementary compensation to Ilze Garoza for her assistance with the “Spotlight Latvia” conference. Board President Peteris Blumbergs will coordinate the amount with Ilze Garoza.

Resolution Nr. 9
The ALA board expresses displeasure with the U.S. government plans to discontinue the J-1 visa program and directs the ALA Public Affairs Office to send letters of protest to the appropriate U.S. government agencies.

Resolution Nr. 10
The ALA board resolves to express displeasure with the U.S. government’s resistance to spend the allocated funds by Congress for fighting terrorist propaganda and Russian disinformation and plans to direct letters to the appropriate persons.

Resolution Nr. 11
The ALA board resolves to hold its next meeting on December 1-3, 2017 in Rockville. Budget discussions would begin Friday evening.