Board Meeting on September 15-16, 2018

Board Resolutions

Resolution No. 1
In accordance with the new 5-year lease agreement between ALA and the Latvian Lutheran Church for September 2018 – August 2023, which specifies an 11.44% increase in the monthly rent (approximately 6% increase on top of the 5% automatic increase for renewal year), the ALA Board agrees to raise the rent for JBANC and WFFL by the same percentage for the duration of a five-year contract. The rent for JBANC will be $789 (quarterly) and the rent for WFFL will be $1053 (quarterly), for the rental period of 2018 – 2023.

Resolution No. 2
The ALA Board approves all 2018 submitted candidates to receive ALA’s recognition certificates. The certificates will be presented at Latvia’s Independence Day celebrations in November at various Latvian centers, at which time the recipients will be announced.

Resolution No. 3
The ALA Board nominates Visvaldis Nagobads as the ALA candidate for this year’s WFFL (PBLA) award.

Resolution No. 4
The ALA board accepts the following changes to the internship program:

  1.  Raising the minimum age requirement from 19 to 20 years of age (unless the applicant has already finished two complete years of collegiate study).
  2.  Raising the internship work requirement from 150 to 160 hours.
  3.  Before traveling to Riga, the intern must agree to certain obligatory meetings on particular days, places, and times.
  4.  The application window for the 2019 program will be from January 1, 2019 to February 28, 2019.

Resolution No. 5
In response to a request from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia with regards to Latvia’s participation in the 2019 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC, USA:

  1.  The ALA Board undertakes partnership and cooperation with the Ministry of Culture within the framework of this festival, to participate in the planning and development of the Latvian program,
  2.  The ALA Board undertakes to financially support Latvia’s participation in the event, to the extent possible,
  3.  The ALA Board asks the Ministry of Culture to assume joint responsibility for the successful completion of the financing of the event,
  4.  The ALA Board asks the Ministry of Culture, during the time of joint preparations and the organization of the event, to provide ALA with a salaried project assistant who will undertake the necessary administrative tasks relating to international transactions, to include: mandatory reports to the Ministry of Culture on its sponsorship of the event and, in cooperation with Smithsonian, arranging visas for the festival participants (artists, craftsmen, etc.) who will travel from Latvia.

Resolution No. 6
At the request of Arvids Blodnieks of ALA’s Latvian Institute, the ALA Board supports an additional $2,000 donation to support the Latvian rural youth (4-H) organization.

Resolution No. 7
ALA Board resolves to hold its next board meeting in Rockville, MD from December 7 – 9, 2018. Finance discussions will begin on the evening of Friday, December 7th.

Resolution No. 8
The ALA board accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position and Budget vs Actual) as presented by the Treasurer, without any changes.

Resolution No. 9
The ALA board approves a transfer of $250,000 from Vanguard Main account to the SunTrust checking account in order to ensure sufficient cash balances in checking accounts for everyday transactions until December 2018.

Resolution No. 10
The ALA Board approves a total of 27 candidates in the US to receive ALA’s recognition certificates in 2018. The certificates will be presented at Latvia’s Independence Day celebrations in November at various Latvian centers.

Resolution No. 11
The ALA Board approved honoring the Victims of Communism award winner, Latvian Sandra Kalnietis, by attending the Victims of Communism gala and purchasing the Silver Level table for $3,000.00. Half of the amount ($1,500) will be drawn from the LV100 fund, the other half ($1,500) from the Information budget.

Resolution No. 12
In honor of the significant donations made to the American Latvian Association in 2018 by the Latvian Honorary Consuls in the USA, the ALA board now has the opportunity to donate $15,750 to the Latvian Embassy for interior renovations. The donation will be drawn from the Special Initiatives fund, General Program class.