Board Meeting on September 13-14, 2014

Board Resolutions

Resolution Nr. 1
The ALA Board unanimously accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Income and Expenses, Profit-Loss Budget YTD) as presented by the Treasurer.

Resolution Nr. 2
The ALA Board accepts the following policy guidelines for dealing with “earmarked” donations:

  1. ALA will acknowledge donations or grants received (for which there is not an existing Temporarily Restricted Fund account)  that are “earmarked” for a special purpose, and enter them into Quickbooks in the applicable class.
  2. The amount of the earmarked donation/grant must be less than $5000.
  3. The exceptions to the 2nd guideline are (a) grants received from a foreign or domestic governmental organization, or (b) if grant language precludes this approach.
  4. All expenses for the class will be deducted from the “earmarked” donations for that class.
  5. These policy guidelines also apply to a Special Projects class, when one has been identified.
  6. If, at the end of the year, there is a balance remaining in a particular earmarked class, after expenses have been deducted, a Temporarily Restricted Fund will be created for that class, carried over to the next fiscal year, and made available for that earmarked class.
  7. ALA will not actively solicit such donations, but will acknowledge donor wishes by adhering to the policy guidelines described above.

Resolution Nr. 3
The ALA Board resolves to adequately inform the public of the administrative percentage fee that is applicable to each new bequest or Temporarily Restricted Fund. The ALA Board agrees to include explanatory text regarding the administrative fee on the ALA webpage, in an appropriate and visible location, and will continue to discuss the matter of where else this information should be advertised

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA Board accepts the following guidelines as a clarification of  ALA financial policy regarding travel reimbursements and retained earnings from the Annual ALA Congress:

 TRAVEL – Reimbursement for lodging and other travel (such as car rental) is restricted to the days of formal/planned board meetings or ALA sponsored activities. Expenses for lodging, etc. for pre- and post-board meeting (or other ALA event days) are the responsibility of the participant. 

CONGRESS –  To acknowledge the time and effort required to host an Annual Convention (Congress), ALA will allow the organizing entity to retain all profit up to $500. If the income exceeds $500, one half of the profit will be donated to ALA. 

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA Board resolves to continue coordinating the publication of the ALA history volume with “LAIKS” newspaper publishing house, based on an initial price quote of approximately 5000 Euro for 500 copies, with 200 black-and-white photographs

Resolution Nr. 6
The ALA Board resolves to continue to advertise the Century Bequest Fund in the “LAIKS” newspaper monthly with the current version of prepared text, but to revise the text for the fund’s brochure, so that the information clearly reflects the Board’s actual administration of the fund.

Resolution Nr. 7
The ALA Board resolves to support theWorl Federation of Free Latvian’s Culture Fund’s  “Latvia Outside Latvia” conference, in the amount of $10,000 from the ALA “Special Projectsfund, provided that the ALA name appears in the program as an official sponsor of the conference.   

Resolution Nr. 8
In accordance with the lease agreement between ALA and the Latvian Lutheran Church, which specifies a 5% increase in the monthly rent starting with October, the ALA Board agrees to also raise the rent for the WFFL and JBANC offices by 5%, starting January 1, 2015.

Resolution Nr. 9
The ALA Board resolves to clarify the 4th resolution from the December 2013 Board meeting, with the following details:

The ALA Board resolves to withhold from each new testamentary bequest or new Temporarily Restricted Fund a one-time percentage fee for administrative expenses, in accordance with the following guidelines:

(1) less than $20,000 – 6%

(2) between $20,000 and $50,000 – 3%

(3) more than $50,000 – 2%

Before each bequest, the donor must be informed of this administrative percentage fee.

Resolution Nr. 10
The ALA Board resolves to hold the December 2014 Board meeting from December 6-7 in Rockville, and the March 2015 Board meeting from March 7-8, also in Rockville.

Resolution Nr. 11
The ALA board confirms 41 ALA Recognition Award candidates for 2014, including: Nikolajs Berkholtz
(Minneapolis/St.Paul), Zinta Pone (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Vilis Vikmanis (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Zigfrīda Freiberga (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Juris Plēsums (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Daina Blitte (Detroit), Inta Staklis (Detroit), Guntis Šmidchens (Seattle), Jānis Rogainis (Seattle), Šarlīne Jaundāldere (Seattle), Jānis Grigalinovičs Leja (New Jersey), Sarmīte Leja Grigalinoviča (New Jersey, Arvīds Bļodnieks (New Jersey), Laila Kalniņa (Kalamazoo), Ausma Savele (Northern California), Rūta Brūniņš Grand (Northern California), Andrejs Baidiņš (Philadelphia), Mudīte Jansone (Philadelphia),   Vilnis Ore (Philadelphia), Andra Zvārgule (Philadelphia), Nora Šmits (Lincoln), Kārlis Indriksons (Lincoln), Kārlis Zamurs (New York), Janīna Briģe (New York), Māc. Laris Saliņš (New York), Ilze Kancāne (New York), Laura Padega Zamura (New York), Nora Aivara (New York), Pēteris Aivars (New York), Inta Šķiņķe (New York), Maija Šķiņķe (New York), Jānis Šķiņķis (New York), Kristīna Putene (New York), Andrejs Kancs (Indianapolis), Jānis Vilciņš (Chicago), Edgars Bedrītis (Columbus), Rick Jergensen (Denver), Ināra Humeyumptewa (Denver), Solveiga Dubinska (Washington, DC) Valdis Kārklis (Washington, DC).

Resolution Nr. 12
The ALA board resolves to hold the 64th ALA Congress in Indianapolis from May 1 – 3.