Board Meeting on March 7-8, 2020

Board Resolutions

Resolution No. 1
ALA Board supports reforms in the field of Latvian higher education in order to increase its competitiveness in the world. ALA offers to assist in finding educational advisors in the United States as needed.

Resolution No. 2
ALA Board supports the Latvian Contact Exchange compiled by Ar Pasaules Pieredzi Latvijā (APPLV) and plans to disseminate information about this exchange to American Latvians when it is ready.

Resolution Nr. 3
The ALA board agrees to designate $615,046.15 (representing the Kidd and Jaunzemis bequests) of its 12/31/2019 surplus to the board designated Century Fund.

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA board accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position and Budget vs Actual) as presented by the Treasurer without changes.

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA board agrees to add the Abrenietis bequest to the Century Fund for 2020 and move the funds to Raymond James for investing in the Unrestricted Fund.

Resolution Nr. 6
The ALA board accepts the revised FY2020 budget and plans to present this version at Congress.

Resolution Nr. 7
The ALA board recommends that the congress delegates pass a resolution to increase membership dues:

Annual member (from $30/year to $50/year)
Annual member – retiree (from $20/year to $30/year)
Member organization (from $50/year to $100/year)
Membership levels (increase amounts are still being worked out)

Resolution Nr. 8
The ALA board tasks the Membership and Fundraising Office (in conjunction with the ALA office) to include a member survey with every membership and fundraising campaign to survey member interests on varying topics, offering the surveys in both paper and electronic formats.

Resolution Nr. 9
The ALA Board tasks the ALA office (and all board offices) to more actively encourage member organizations and the Latvian American community to nominate candidates for the annual ALA Recognition Certificates following the Culture Office’s new plan. To be able to send the message to wider audience, the board instructs the ALA office (and all board offices) to compile a broader list of contacts.

  1. Add the recognition certificate rules and nomination forms to the ALA Congress delegate folders,
  2. In May, send an email to ALA member organization leaders, as well as post on Infogram and Facebook,
  3. In July, place an advertisement in Laiks newspaper requesting nominations, as well as post on Infogram and Facebook,
  4. In August, send a reminder email to ALA member organization leaders, as well as post on Infogram and Facebook.

The nomination period will close August 31st so that voting on the candidates can take place at the September ALA meeting.

Resolution Nr. 10
The ALA board is calling on the Latvian Education Ministry to retain the opportunity for teenage youth in the American Latvian diaspora to take the Latvian language exams in Garezers and Kursa with personnel from the Latvian Language Agency on-site as planned.

Resolution Nr. 11
The ALA board approves Andra Zommers to represent the ALA Education Office at the Latvian Language Agency Award Contest in 2020.

Resolution Nr. 12
The ALA board approves Andra Zommers to represent the ALA Education Office at the Diaspora school forum being held by the Latvian Education and Science ministries in Riga in July 2020.

Resolution Nr. 13
Considering that ALA material, song and film copyright issues may arise in the future, the ALA board decides to look into the legal documents required, tasking Board President P. Blumbergs to locate a copyright attorney.

Resolution Nr. 14
The ALA board proposes holding the fall meeting on August 29-30th in Boston (if the Boston community is willing to host the meeting). This date was selected because the board does not wish to meet Labor Day weekend, a Blumberg confirmation is taking place Sept. 12-13th, the ALA teachers’ conference is planned for Sept. 19-20th, SpotLight is Sept. 25th, and PBLA meeting is October 1-3rd.

Resolution Nr. 15
The ALA board tasks the Cooperation with Latvia Office to come up with a new name for the office prior to Congress.

Resolution Nr. 16
The ALA board confirms the following candidates as individual member delegates for he 69th congress:

  1. Vija Zuntaka Bērziņa (NY)
  2. Ivars Bērziņš (NY)
  3. Indra Ekmanis (MN)

Resolution Nr. 17
The ALA board tasks M. Gudrā to prepare a job description for a new administrative office support person to vote on at the September meeting and include in the 2021 budget.

Resolution Nr. 18
The ALA board supports creating a fund for the use of the Latvian Honorary Consuls (general fund) for the purpose of fulfillment of consul functions and duties. ALA and the Latvian Embassy in the US would provide oversight and fund use would be commensurate with the ALA mission. Only the Latvian Embassy in the US would be able to request expense payments. Further details, such as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and ALA membership requirements for the honorary consuls still need to be worked out.

Resolution Nr. 19
The ALA board resolves to assist, if necessary, in establishing contacts between the Latvian Defense Ministry and military training institutions in the United States in the effort to establish cadet schools in Latvia.

Resolution Nr. 20
The ALA board expresses thanks to the Detroit Latvian Association for their hospitality, as well as to Jana Ābolina and the Student Sorority and Fraternity organizations in Detroit for a beautifully planned Kalpaka ball.

Resolution No. 21
Taking in to account the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on measures to control the new coronavirus disease COVID-19, the ALA Board has decided to postpone the 69th ALA Congress, which was to be held April 24th – 26th in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Resolution No. 22
ALA Board approves the treasurer’s renewed 2020 Chart of Accounts structure and accepts the use for all FY2020 income and expenses, including retrospectives. The new, shorter version allows the accounting staff to eliminate unused accounts, simplify account structures, and more clearly compare and reconcile expenses.

Resolution Nr. 23
(Replaces December 2019 – Resolution Nr. 17) – The ALA Board resolves that starting January 1st, 2021, a 5% administrative overhead fee will be drawn from every donation with a restricted purpose when it is received by ALA. The administrative overhead fee applies to, but is not limited to, the following types of restricted donations: ALA Cultural Fund, Support and Aid to Latvia (SAL), Educational Trip Fund. The fee does not apply to government or organizational grants that ALA may receive.

Resolution Nr. 24
Due to the circumstances caused by the 2020 pandemic, the ALA Board decides to award a bonus to the office staff (M. Gudrais, B. Dolinsky) for the successful Saturday evening project and for visiting the office during the pandemic.

Resolution Nr. 25
The ALA board decides to extend Madelēnas Miniata’s term as the ALA/JBANC intern, paying her $1,000 per month until the end of December 2020.

Resolution Nr. 26
Due to the effects of the 2020 pandemic, ALA will grant $100,000 to Latvian schools and camps in the U.S. to help cover budget deficits this year, and to help strengthen the future of these programs. The individual amounts granted to each school/program will be based on student counts for the last three years and the program lengths.

Precise grant amounts for each institution/program:

Latvian schools, total of $57,200: Seattle – $3900; Oregon – $1200; Northern California – $1900; Los Angeles – $3300; San Diego – $1100; Denver – $1100; Minneapolis – $4100; Milwaukee – $1200; Chicago – $10,000; Indianapolis – $1800; Kalamazoo – $2200; Cleveland – $2200; Stariņš – $1100; Rochester – $1600; Boston – $3900; Yonkers – $3900; New Jersey- $5300; Philadelphia – $2000; Washington, DC – $5400.

Camps, total of $42,800:

Mežotne – $1750; Kursa – $3000; Gaŗezers children’s camp – $3400; Gaŗezers preparatory school – $3500; Gaŗezers summer high school – $18,600; 3×3 – Gaŗezers – $1000; Katskiļi camp – $6500; Katskiļi Heritage camp – $4050; 3×3 – Katskiļi – $1000.