Board Meeting on March 7-8, 2015

Board Resolutions

Resolution Nr. 1
The ALA Board accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position and Budget vs. Actual) as presented.

Resolution Nr. 2
The ALA Board accepts the 2015 budget revisions as presented. 

Resolution Nr. 3
To provide for a standardized process and format for documenting ALA Support, ALA Award and other major expenditures, the ALA Board resolves that when these expenses are included and detailed in the ALA budget, expenditures are approved as a function of Budget approval. Authorization for expenditures in excess of those included in the budget will require separate board resolutions. This approach will assign to a specific ALA office responsibility for managing ALA relations with identified partner organizations. This approach supplants the earlier process whereby a separate resolution was authorized for each such expenditure. Documentation in budget must include payee, amount, purpose, and fund source sorted by General Fund or Temporarily Restricted Fund.

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA Board unanimously confirms the following 7 individual member delegates to the 2015 ALA Congress: Ruta Priedkalne Zirne, Chicago; Aija Kukaine, Kalamazoo; Jānis Kukainis, Kalamazoo; Vija Bērziņš, New York; Indra Purmale, New York; Maija Hinkle, New York; Ināra Krūmiņš, Milwaukee.

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA Board resolves to provide $3000 support to the TILTS proposed project for article translation, compensating approved authors for translation into Latvian and Russian, and obtaining author rights for publishing these articles in the Latvian press. Compensation would be quarterly, in exchange for full documentation for articles that have been completed and published in the Latvian press. In the first quarter of 2015, TILTS would receive an $850 advance for the project. (T. Zoldnere agrees to take responsibility for coordinating the project. Funding will come from the ALA “General Fund”).

Resolution Nr. 6
The ALA Board resolves to donate $5000 to the Garezers “G50” fund in recognition of the organization’s 50th anniversary, with funds drawn from the Freibergs fund (Education Office). (L. Ejupe agrees to coordinate this donation.) 

Resolution Nr. 7
The ALA Board resolves to hold a preparatory meeting before ALA Congress, on April 30 at 8pm, and the first meeting for the newly elected board, after ALA Congress, on Sunday, May 3rd in the early afternoon.

Resolution Nr. 8
The ALA Board resolves to set up a new Board Designated account as Operational Reserves, with an initial balance of $50,000 (in anticipation of a favorable legal settlement with regards to the Priedits Bequest).

Resolution Nr. 9
The ALA Board approves transfer $200,000 from the Vanguard Main investment account to the SunTrust Cash (x8835) account. The transfer is necessitated by a need to meet expenses related to services and operations.

Resolution Nr. 10
The ALA Board unanimously confirms the following four individual member delegates to the 2015 ALA Congress:
Ivars Bērziņš, New York; Dr. Juris Mežinskis, Cincinnati; Lilita Bergs and Anita Tērauds, Washington, DC.

Resolution Nr. 11
To ease the transition for the new candidate for the board treasurer position, as well as for the ALA office, the ALA Board resolves to (1) allow Dace Spanier“read access only” to ALA QuickBooks accounts, and (2) authorize her to communicate with Lumix representative Maribel Torres-Pinero on behalf of ALA, in particular, regarding the division of workload between Tenesan Ekperigin and ALA staff bookkeeper Baiba Dolinsky, and the coordination of the “Letter of Engagement” between ALA and Lumix.