Board Meeting on March 3-4, 2017

Board Resolutions

Resolution Nr. 1
The ALA board accepts the recommendation of the financial consultant and treasurer to transfer $800,000 from the Vanguard Century Bequest Fund in $200,000 per month increments for four months into the financial consultant’s recommended stock funds.

Resolution Nr. 2
The ALA board accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position and Budget vs Actual) as presented by the Treasurer.

Resolution Nr. 3
The ALA board resolves to remove Anita Juberts from the check signatory list and add Marisa Gudrais’ name to the SunTrust and Congressional Bank Signature Cards. The people authorized to sign ALA expense checks will now be: Raits Eglītis, Jānis Grāmatiņš, Dace Spanier, and Marisa Gudrais.

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA board resolves to forgive Perry Street Advisors LLC the $5630.35 unpaid debt for the production and licensing of the documentary movie “The Soviet Story.” The ALA board also approves to donate the $4369.65 repayable portion of the loan housed in PBLA (World Federation of Free Latvians) accounts to PBLA to support their general work.

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA board approves the following list of Independent delegate candidates for the 66th Convention in Chicago:

  1. Vija Bērziņš, New York
  2. Ivars Bērziņš, New York
  3. Ruta Priedkalne Zirne, Chicago, IL
  4. Ivars Vilciņš, Chicago, IL
  5. Juris Mežinskis, Cincinnati, OH
  6. Raita Jergensen, Denver, CO
  7. Jānis Kukainis, Kalamazoo, MI
  8. Aija Kukaine, Kalamazoo, MI

Resolution Nr. 6
The ALA board electronically votes to accept the following Independent delegate candidates for the 66th Convention in Chicago:

9. Aivars Osvalds, Centerville, VA (March 9)
10. Ieva O. Hartwell, Midland, MI (March 13)