Board Meeting on December 7-9, 2018

Board Resolutions

Resolution No. 1
The ALA Board supports the initiative to create an electronic payment documentation and approval system and approves the anticipated $11,000 expense.

Resolution No. 2
ALA Board approves the proposed FY2019 budget as presented by the Treasurer.

Resolution No. 3
The ALA Board tasks the ALA office staff to prepare a donor and VIP mailing list that can be utilized to send the Latvian Dimensions publication and the annual report to a broader audience of supporters, not just ALA members.

Resolution No. 4
The ALA Board tasks the ALA office staff to add a Latvian Dimensions archive to the new website that is currently under development.

Resolution No. 5
ALA Board resolves to donate the historical collection of the now-closed ALA Folk Art Museum to the National History Museum of Latvia.

Resolution No. 6
The ALA Board resolves to support the 3D film “Pērkons A Virtual Reality Rockumentary” created by Fallon PLS with a $2,500 donation.

Resolution No. 7
ALA Board resolves to hold its next board meeting in Portland, OR, from March 1 -3, 2019. The meeting would begin Friday, March 1st, around 2:00 pm.

Resolution No. 8
Taking into consideration that the Cirulis Fund, which has been utilized for several years to subsidize the “Sveika, Latvija!” educational trips, has been depleted, the ALA Board resolves to designate 2019 as “The Year of Sveika, Latvia!” and to conduct a special fundraising campaign to replenish the educational travel budget.

Resolution No. 9
ALA Board resolves to update the work roll of the ALA Congress meeting with the following changes:


IV. Congress leadership

7. The Congress meeting will be led by 5 persons: president, 2 vice presidents (1 from the Congress organizing committee), and 2 secretaries (1 being the current ALA board secretary); these positions will be elected by simple majority. Congress may also elect an honorary president. Congress delegates will also elect an up to 5-person resolution committee (1 being from the current ALA board) and 3 vote counters.

8. Congress shall designate a 3-person nomination committee (1 being from the current ALA board). (The rest of this original paragraph shall be deleted.)

Resolution No. 10
The ALA board accepts the financial reports (Statement of Financial Position and Budget vs Actual) as presented by the Treasurer without changes.

Resolution No. 11
The ALA Board supports contracting with CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) to perform the 2018 audit.

Resolution No. 12
The ALA board supports the LaPa Museum with a $5,000 donation from the 2018 Cultural office budget.

Resolution No. 13
The ALA board resolves to increase the expenses of the Sports office in the previously approved FY2019 budget by $1000.