Board Meeting on December 6-7, 2013

Board Resolutions

Resolution Nr. 1
To commemorate the victims of theNovember 21, 2013 tragedy in Zolitūde, Latvia, the ALA Board resolves to donate $10,000 from the Special Projects fund to create a scholarship competition for construction or architecture students in Latvia, in collaboration with Riga Technical University, with the goal of improving building safety and quality in Latvia and to prevent this type of accident from occuring again in the future. J. Grāmatiņš will be responsible for contacting RTU and determine whether the university has interest in developing this joint project.

Resolution Nr. 2
The ALA Board resolves to offer electronic donation opportunities. A. Ramāns offers to investigate the
eTapestry program and choose the best electronic system, depending on the costs.

Resolution Nr. 3
The ALA Board resolves to include an additional survey with the fall fundraising mailing, sending it out also electronically, and ask the members whether they would like to receive
Latvian Dimensions in electronic format. The Information Office Director is responsible for this resolution.

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA Board resolves to, beginning with January 1, 2014, subtract from each new bequest or ,,Temporarily Restricted Fund” a percentage for administrative expenses (after having made an explicit agreement with the donor) in accordance with the following guidelines:  

(1) Less than $20,000 — 6%,
(2) $20,000 – $50,000  — 3%¸
(3) More than $50,000 — 2%.   

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA Board accepts the Treasurer’s financial statements with corrections. The Board members accept the 2014 preliminary budget and will assist in finalizing it with budgetary information specific their offices, prior to the March 2014 meeting

Resolution Nr. 6
The ALA Board resolves to reconstruct the ,,Board Designated TRF” titles so that they reflect ALA’s activities more accurately, and so that the balance in each account better reflects ALA’s current financial situation.

Resolution Nr. 7
The ALA Board resolves to determine its options for printing the ALA history book. T. Zoldnere, R. Eglītis, un A. Bataraga volunteer to obtain quotes from the following (or similar) companies:Neputns”, „ELPA” (L. Kovtuna), „Town Press” (A. Upeslācis), as well as local presses in Rockville, and to notify the book’s authors Anita Tērauda and Ilze Garoza about these options.

Resolution Nr. 8
The ALA Board resolves to hold a „DRAUDZĪGĀ AICINĀJUMA” campaign at the start of the year, and make an effort to visit local Latvian schools, inform the community about ALA’s activities, and invite the school as an organization, and the school community’s parents, to become ALA members. As an added incentive, the Membership Office offers Latvian school principals a 2014 membership card for free, if the school joins as an organizational member. Two school representatives will receive 50% off of registration at the 63rd ALA Kongress in Philadelphia (without voting rights if the school does not have enough members to register voting delegates.)

Resolution Nr. 9
The ALA Board resolves to expand the award guidelines to include opportunities for ALA Board members to nominate recipients in their respective fields of expertise. If the nominee is accepted, then the respective Office director and the Board President are to sign the award certificate. The Board also confirms that a compensated position should not rule out a candidate’s possibility for being recognized with an award. 

Resolution Nr. 10
The ALA Board resolves to invite the director of the Latvian National Library, Andris Vilks, as well as the Latvian Minister of Culture, Dace Melbārde as guests and lecturers for the 2014 ALA Kongress. A. Bataraga will additionally investigate the possibility to invite the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to Canada, Georgs Andrejevs, if he is, in fact, in Philadelphia at the time due to events at the local Latvian community center

Resolution Nr. 11
The ALA Board resolves to continue to plan the
Second Conference on Latvian Diaspora Archives, Libraries and Material Culture on September 11 12, 2014, in Washington, DC, in conjunction with a Board meeting that weekend. The Board resolves to invite former ALA Board member and Cultural Fund director Sarma Muižniece Liepiņa to assume responsibilities for coordinating the conference.

Resolution Nr. 12
The ALA Board resolves to use the $90,000 bequest fund received in December 2012 from the Cīruļu family to support the U.S. Latvian youth trips to Latvia, covering necessary travel costs for each ,,Sveika, Latvija” orHeritage Latvia” participant that has finished a U.S. Latvian school, or received a special dispensation from the ALA trip coordinator. Support from this fund will begin with the 2013 summer program. 

Resolution Nr. 13
The ALA Board, in the closed meeting, supports a raise for office staff beginning with January 1, 2014, and resolves also to award year-end bonuses.

Resolution Nr. 14
The ALA Board resolves to hold the next Board meeting in Gaŗezers on March 14 – 16, 2014.

Resolution Nr. 15
The ALA Board resolves to support the U.S. Latvian guide and scout 11th camp ,,Mantojums” with a $5000 donation