Board Meeting on December 2-3, 2016

Board Resolutions

Resolution Nr. 1
The ALA Board resolves to accept a 10% share from Evarists Berzins Fidelity IRA account and authorizes Executive Director Raits Eglitis to file the necessary paperwork with Fidelity Inheritor Services, in accordance with the Will.

Resolution Nr. 2
The ALA Board requests that the Membership Committee begin researching the possibilities and costs of updating the membership database.

Resolution Nr. 3
The ALA Board accepts the financial reports as presented by the Treasurer.

Resolution Nr. 4
The ALA Board accepts the land donation offer of Juris Abrenietis (four acres in Wayne County Pennsylvania) and authorizes Vilnis Ore to handle the transaction.  The board expresses its gratitude to Mr. Ore for his willingness to donate his services, and resolves to offer the reimbursement of direct personal expenses related to the real estate transaction and sale.

Resolution Nr. 5
The ALA Board supports the treasurer’s recommendation to close the accounts at the Latvian Cleveland Credit Union and the Wisconsin Latvian Credit Union.

Resolution Nr. 6
Taking into account the outdated value of the ALA Publishing Office inventory and related insurance costs, the ALA Board decides to discontinue carrying insurance on the Publishing Office inventory in Kalamazoo, Michigan as of January 1, 2017.

Resolution Nr. 7
The ALA Board accepts the proposed FY 2017 budget as presented.

Resolution Nr. 8
The ALA Board approves an additional $10,000 donation to the 2017 Latvian Song Festival in Baltimore reaching overall support total of $20,000.

Resolution Nr. 9
ALA Board resolves to go ahead with liquidating the Priedaine, NJ, museum holdings and to follow the inventory liquidation plan presented by Lilita Bergs.

Resolution Nr. 10
ALA Board resolves to hold its next meeting on March 2-4, 2017 in San Francisco, CA, and organize a presentation by the Ambassador of Latvia H.E. Andris Teikmanis at the Stanford University on March 2, 2017.

Resolution Nr. 11
ALAs valde resolves to alter the Century Bequest Fund structure by exchanging $300,000 from Total Bond Market fund to $100,000 Dividend Appreciation, $100,000 Extended Market and $100,000 Growth funds.

Resolution Nr. 12
ALA Board supports the decision of the Hiring Commitee created at the December 2016 meeting (which includes President P. Blumbergs, Education Office Director A. Zommere and Executive Director R. Eglītis) after interviewing the finalists to offer the full-time position of “Event, Travel, and Marketing Coordinator”, to Marisa Gudrais on Feb 6, 2017. The compensation package will be decided by the Employee Care Committee under the direction of the ALA Chairman. Full-time employees will be offered participation in the ALA health insurance plan and Simple IRA retirement plan, paying 3% of the amount of the employee’s salary every month.

Resolution Nr. 13
In support of US and Latvian economic cooperation and the knowledge that business relations and investments strengthen Latvian national security, the ALA Board expresses support for the initiative of the Latvian Embassy to hold a regional World Latvian Economy and Innovation Forum (PLEIF) in Chicago on Sept 22, 2017. The ALA Board agrees (if necessary) to support the proceedings, or any specific event/panel by an amount not exceeding $10,000. In conjunction with the PLEIF conference, the ALA Board decides (if possible) to hold the Fall 2017 ALA Board meeting in Chicago.

Resolution Nr. 14
In recognition and appreciation of the wishes of Janis Prieditis and Elmars and Dzidra Ozolins, the ALA Board resolves to designate and transfer $800,000 to the Vanguard Century Bequest Fund, and transfer $300,000 to the Vanguard General Fund.