Angel Heart Society Success Stories – Katrīna Ozola

Nov 15, 2023

The Office of Support & Aid to Latvia actively supports the program “Spārno talantus”, where one of the talented young people from low-income families in Latvia who have come to the attention of the association “Angel’s heart” is nominated. These families are unable to pay for additional educational classes or camps where their offspring could cultivate and develop a special talent.

This month’s project “Spārno talantus” participant, Katrīna Ozola (15 years old), studies in the 9th grade of Limbažu Secondary School. The girl is the youngest of five sisters. She is a conscientious, purposeful and very active girl whose everyday life is filled with many different activities. Although Katrina’s range of interests is wide, her largest interests are in the fields of IT and medicine. Passion for medicine started because of the girl’s personal experience – Katrina was diagnosed with an oncological disease. The girl had to learn the 8th grade remotely – at home. After a long stay in the hospital and treatment, Katrina realized that she wanted to connect her future with medicine. Since chemistry lessons were missed due to illness, Katrina is now very determined to learn what she missed. She is looking forward to enrolling in the School of Young Doctors and wants to attend courses related to medicine and chemistry to gain additional knowledge and skills in these areas.

In order to support Katrīna’s choice to study medicine in the future, we invite you to donate to the ALA Office of Aid and Support in Latvia, Spārno talantus program with an indication to Katrīna, so that she can attend classes where she will gain in-depth knowledge of chemistry, biology and medicine.