American Latvian Youth Association Congress in DC

Jan 23, 2024

The American Latvian Youth Association (ALYA) held it annual Congress this year in Washington, DC. Events included a Thanksgiving dinner in the Latvian center in Rockville, MD, a bowling and bocce ball social event, a ball, and a general meeting in two parts. During the meeting, 29 resolutions were passed, of which 4 are directly related to the cooperation between ALYA and ALA. The resolutions will be published on the ALYA website after the first board meeting. After the resolutions session, the Congress attendees enjoyed a lunch sponsored by the American Latvian Association. ALYA warmly thanks ALA for the lunch and for its continued support! After lunch, the Congress attendees elected the new ALYA board: Roberts Kancāns (President), Lija Lūsis (Vice President), Aija Ābele (Secretary), Alīna Kasparsone (Treasurer). The full list of board members as well as biographies can be found at the ALYA website.