70th Anniversary for the American Latvian Association

Feb 22, 2021

On April 15, 1950 in Washington, DC, Latvian envoy to the U.S. Jūlijs Feldmanis called together leaders of Latvian organizations to join together to form the American Latvian Association. After one year, on February 24, 1951, representatives of Latvian organizations all over the U.S. met for the ALA founding congress. Since our founding days, our association has focused on the restoration of Latvia’s independence. For 30 years now Latvia is continuing the path of its democracy, and this is also thanks to Latvian-Americans, who for many years reminded the world about Latvia’s stolen freedom and who continued to uphold the Latvian culture and language outside of Latvia’s borders.

Today, ALA, together with Latvian organizations in the U.S., continues to support a free, independent, and strong Latvia, and to maintain Latvian traditions for new generations of Latvian-Americans. We are united by a love for our motherland and a wish to share this appreciation with the next generation. In this day and age, we can be part of Latvia and participate in determining its future, as we have done already for 70 years.

Let us celebrate together!

American Latvian Association