Latvian Ministry of Culture Support for U.S. Latvian Performing Groups

Feb 12, 2020

This year the World Federation of Free Latvians helped to allocate the Latvian Ministry of Culture’s support for the Latvian diaspora’s performing groups (folk dance ensembles, choirs, musical ensembles, theater troupes). The following groups have been awarded funds in the U.S.:

New York Latvian Choir, Boston Latvian Choir, Chicago folk dance group “Mantinieki”, Milwaukee folk dance group “Metieniņš”, Rochester folk dance group “Vanadziņš”, Indianapolis folk dance group “Jautrais Pāris”, Minneapolis folk ensemble “Teiksma”, San Francisco New Theater.

The vice president of the Song and Dance Festival Fund in the U.S., Iveta Grava, reports, the U.S. performing groups were very reponsive, all together there were 22 groups that applied for a grant.

(Photo: Chicago folk dance group “Mantinieki”, Facebook )