Gifts for Latvian children at Christmas

Nov 22, 2023

At Christmas – the “Angel Heart” society is organizing a fundraising campaign “LET’S GIFT KNOWLEDGE”!

We are all looking forward to that special holiday feeling, children in particular. In every family, parents try to surprise their children, but there are many parents who do not have enough money for Christmas presents. That’s why we want to bring joy to everyone with a special surprise at Christmas!

Gifts can be different, but in our opinion, the most useful gifts are those that do not lose their value even after the holidays.

When preparing the surprises, we will find gifts that enrich children’s knowledge. These can be educational books on travel, science, intellectual games, as well as gifts for creativity – drawing pads, paints, brushes or sporting goods. To make the surprise sweeter, we will add a sweet treat.

If you want to join our campaign, we invite you to make a donation by donating to ALA with the instruction “LET’S GIFT KNOWLEDGE”.

With the donated money, we will purchase the gifts.

Join us and together we will give joy and surprise to Latvian children at Christmas!