Conversation with the Creators of “Land that Sings” Film

Apr 17, 2023

We invite you to attend a virtual event on April 23 at 4PM EDT – a conversation (in Latvian) with the creators and producers of the “Land that Sings” film!

This year’s song and dance festival in Latvia will celebrate 150 years since the very first song festival in Latvia. The film “Land that Sings” (“Zeme, kas dzied”) deals with never told-before stories about the first song festival in 1873! Participating in the Zoom discussion will be director Māris Martinsons, screenplay co-author Dainis Īvāns, one of the main actors Andris Bulis, as well as producer Linda Krūkle. You will learn about how the idea came about to make this film, what interesting facts the production team found, as well as news about the film’s creation and pending release. Participants will be able to pose their own questions to the production team.

Zoom link

Official web page for the film: