Angel Heart Society Success Stories – Zane

Sep 20, 2023

The Office of Support & Aid to Latvia actively supports the program “Spārno talantus”, where one of the talented young people from low-income families in Latvia who have come to the attention of the association “Eņģeļu Sirds” is nominated. These families are unable to pay for additional educational classes or camps where their child could cultivate and develop a special talent.

This month’s participant is fourteen-year-old Zane Bajāre, who lives in Bauska. She studies in the 7th grade at Riga Strazdumuiža secondary school. The girl’s school is far from home, as this school provides the appropriate methodology that Zane needs due to her low vision. Despite this, Zane is very determined and goal oriented. Overcoming various difficulties, the girl has become very independent and is currently actively developing her talent – loom knitting.

Zane learned about this unique knitting at school. The girl was very fascinated by this activity, and she also began to work on a rake weaver at home. The parents, supporting their daughter, provided various yarns, and the father also made several weavers himself, so that Zane could continue to develop her skills in making scarves. The girl’s family was very happy with what Zane had done and helped the girl promote and sell her work. With her first earned money, Zane donated animal toys and food to the Jelgava Animal Shelter.

Zane would like to organize crafting master classes so that she can pass on her love for this activity to others. Also she would really like to start creating large-format works, making quilts and bedspreads. This requires larger weavers, as well as much more yarn, which the family cannot afford to provide at the moment.

Helping Zane on her talent journey requires the support of her peers, providing crafting supplies and different types of yarn. Perhaps it is because of your support that Zane will be able to continue developing her idea of ​​master classes in which she will teach this creative technique to others!